With our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done for us. Thank you.

Dave & Pat S

Thank you for all your help and attention to detail that went into my new van. I sincerely appreciate it. The transition from my old van was very easy and I love the new van. Thanks again for everything.

Rick G.

Thank you for modifying my van for me. It has given me so much freedom. Thanks for repairing it free as my wedding gift. I really appreciated it.


Thank You so much for helping us determine which van would be best for us. We’re still getting used to a smaller van, but we believe this is the best option for us. Please thank your crew for their assistance. You have a great team. You are all professional, conscientious and easy to work with.

Louie & Shirley V.

I meant to email earlier but I wanted to thank you all again for doing what it took to fix my van the day I brought it in. Ryan readjusted my hand controls & tightened things up. I
love it. Thanks

Carolyn J.

Thank you all for the lift installment in our van. You all are wonderful.

Dan and Carla Z.

You guys are the best. Thanks for all your patience. Your are all truly kind.


I am beyond happy with Access Vans. Thanks again for everything, and I am sure I am your customer for life.

Fran A

Thanks for all your help. You guys Rock.


My sister Marsha and I just want to say thank you for everything. You have been friendly, courteous and very helpful. I don’t know what I would have done without you and your wonderful service. I loved being able to rent a van when I needed it. I only wish I could afford to buy one for myself. We are moving to California next month and probably won’t be renting from you before then. I just hope we can find someone in California with this
same service. So we just want to say goodbye and thank you so much. You’ve been a godsend. I’m sure you have your angel wings hiding somewhere. Thanks so much. A very appreciative customer

Marijane A

Thank you for the MPS Hand Controls you installed on my 1997 Ford F150 4×4. Thank you for the prompt and professional installation and returning to me the ability of driving a motor vehicle. You have my admiration for operating a successful business. Best Regards.

Ronald H.

This is a special Thank You and your staff for everything you did for our MS Group Thursday. IT was a great change of pace & place for everyone, especially when a bbq is included. Our compliments to the chef- yummy. It was the perfect way to learn about the various ways vehicles can be adapted for drivers with disabilities. Thank you for everything. Was fun & so in formative.


You guys are amazing !!!! It’s nice to know that I get a return call if there is an issue. I am so happy that unable to move my car that you all came to my place of work and took care of the issue. Thank you for all your hard work and the best customer service ever !!!!! Got my wheels back 🙂 Sincerely Torena S. Boise, ID

Torena S.

Thank You so much for your donation of HC for Dylan’s Senior Project. It was a great success. And one that would have been impossible without your help.

The L. Family

Thank you for always being there to rescue me. Both of you are greatly appreciated.

Van T.

Thank you so much for your support in my recent trip an competition, The Wheelwod Championships. The competition was a great success. Because of your support I now carry the title of the 2nd fittest adaptive athlete in the world. Thank you again.

Jedidiah S

We really appreciate all you’ve done for us- Thank You.

Jack & Carmen

Meant to send this earlier….. just wanted to say thank you for buying the Dodge Entervan. It was very convenient to get around in. Hope it finds a good home. Thank you for your business.

Karen H.

Thank You SO MUCH for all your help in keeping me mobile. It’s been a crazy couple of months for me and I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help. Everything you do is greatly appreciated.

Carrie C.

Thank You for all your help with the financing of my new van. I love her so much and the ease it is to go out & about. Also thank you for help with getting my van fixed after she was hit. The rental was great too.

Kim & Tony H.

Just to let you know the van is doing great, ya’ll did an outstanding job…I hope your new shop works well for you, you’re a great guy, take care.

Brian Allen

Thanks for helping us a van for Ron.

Barb R.

I just wanted to thank you again for renting the van to us. It worked great for Brett and he was comfortable and happy. If I ever hear of anyone who needs a van, I will definitely recommend you. Take care and God Bless you.

Brett and Pam K.

LeAnne and I both wanted to let you all know what a pleasure it has been to deal with a group that consistently demonstrates such commitment, skill in your area of expertise, and most of all integrity in business. Thank you for who you are, and for what you do.

Nancy T.

Thank you for all the help you have given us, for our van we call Big Red. This has been such a big help for my daughter and Herman. Its a real blessing.

Herman, Ruth and Cindy V.

Thank you Chris, for the excellent work and help you and your workers did. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks.

Caryolyn Q.

Thank you for always being there to take care of my van & me. Have a great week.

Van T.

Thank you for your help. It took so much stress out of the equation.


We want to thank you for the concern and good care you have given. We appreciate you all.

Roly & Paula D.

Thanks for handling this for us, and a special thanks to Chris for the initial sale of the van to Jimmy. It has changed his life. Gratefully Yours,

Jimmy P.

Thank you for your support again this year for Disability Awareness Day. Your sponsorship was a huge help. We couldn’t have pulled the event off without it. Also a big
thanks for the last minute pickup loan. People loved it. We appreciate you.

Living Independence Network Corporation

Thank you for the Monarch 1A, automotive hand control device your company installed on my 1997 Ford F150 4X4. Thank you for the prompt and professional installation and returning to me the ability of driving a motor vehicle. You have my admiration for operating
a successful business.

Ronald E. H.

Thank You for all your help.

Lee L.

I wanted to take the time to say Thank You. Thank You for being real about what it is like to have a body that works different than it did before. Thank You for reminding me that disability means finding tools to make my world function for me. Thank you for helping me practice accepting myself where I am. Thank you for staying with me while I faced my fears of getting my scooter in and out of my car. (and for securing a chair for me to sit on) You guys are Heros. Thank You again.

Sue W.

Chris: Thank you for everything you have done for Joe and myself. I appreciate your service and recommend you whenever the opportunity arises. Thank You so much 🙂 Heather Vaughan & Joe Gibbs

Heather V. & Joe D.

Thank You so much for the use of the wheelchair accessible van. Virginia’s dream could not have been fulfilled without the transportation your van provided. With sincere appreciation.

Idaho Chapter of Dream Catchers