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Access Vans, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Chris Thomas. Chris is an Idaho Native, and quadriplegic since 1990. Seeing a need for adaptive vehicle services in Idaho and having been an Automotive Body Shop owner, Chris was uniquely qualified to open Access Vans to fulfill this need. Those individuals having the desire to have an active lifestyle should not have vehicle mobility be a barrier. This is the doctrine that Access Vans was founded on and continues to live by today.

Chris has always been an avid outdoor recreationist enjoying motorcycles, snowmobiling, boating, mountain biking, hunting, ect. This is currently possible because of Chris’ own Push Pull Hand Controls and other unique creations done at Access Vans. Since childhood Chris has always had an acute interest in car modification which led to a career in auto body repair. Custom modification continues to be a large part of the work done at Access Vans. Including adaptions for all types of vehicles, enhancing the lives of individuals with physical disabilites. So that participation is not limited by their vehicles or recreational choices.


More Feedback

Dave & Pat S


“With our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done for us. Thank you.”

Rick G.


“Thank you for all your help and attention to detail that went into my new van. I sincerely
appreciate it. The transition from my old van was very easy and I love the new van. Thanks
again for everything.”



“Thank you for modifying my van for me. It has given me so much freedom. Thanks for
repairing it free as my wedding gift. I really appreciated it.”

Fran A


“I am beyond happy with Access Vans. Thanks again for everything, and I am sure I am
your customer for life.”