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Wheelchair Restraint Systems

Travel Safely With a Restraint System

You can count on Access Vans when you need a restraint system that secures your wheelchair in your vehicle. We carry products from the industry leaders, and we have over 30 years of experience in selling and installing them. Many are backed by excellent warranties from the manufacturer. Call us today for your free consultation.

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Q’STRAINT QLK-150 Lock-Down System for Wheelchairs

This is an easy lock-down system. There are no tie-down belts or assistance needed.

Follow three easy steps:

Dock — Guide your wheelchair into the heavy-duty docking base until fully engaged. Drivers also use the front stabilizers.
Lock — Before driving, check the system’s status indicator lights to ensure the wheelchair is fully engaged and buckle up.
Unlock — Once you’ve reached your destination, exit the wheelchair docking base by pressing the convenient release switch.

Sure-Lok Manual Tie-Down Systems and Track

Sure-Lok was the first to develop and manufacture L Track and A Track Securement Systems, and every Sure-Lok product is designed to meet all applicable regulatory guidelines. Sure-Lok is committed to providing customers with safe and secure wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraint systems.

Sure-Lok relentlessly endeavors to do the following:

Design and manufacture all products with passenger safety being the first priority
Provide the highest quality products in the industry
Employ people dedicated to providing and advancing product knowledge, system applications, and the training required to serve passengers with special needs
Deliver prompt, accurate, and courteous customer service
Ship all standard catalog items within 24 hours

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